Jul 04
They just sat there looking at eachother.
It was like a supreme force wouldn’t allow them to break the eye contact, and they were stuck on eachother’s eyes for eternity.
Trying to fight back a smile that was trying hard to escape, they would ocasionally look away, just so they could feel the impact of desire that would conquer their bodies, whenever their eyes would meet.
From time to time they would hear voices, distant voices, sounds of laughter, that reminded them they were not alone...
What would happen if they could ever be alone together?
Would their eyes just demand the eye contact never to break, or would the waves of desire beg for them to come closer and closer, and finally become one?
No words were spoken between them, and they walked two miles away from one another, trying to hide their love with the space that was rising between them, from the floor.
Sunset would never feel so right if these two souls were apart, but in that day, the first day they were sharing together, everything belonged to them, and that before meaningless sunset became an anthem to their long lost love.
They shouted in silence, a silence that was hurting their pride, and a silence that was becoming so loud that they suspected soon everyone would be able to hear it.
They shouted all their feelings, all their love..the forbidden love, forbidden in every way.

The world becomes dark, and all the sadness involves them.
It is time for them to walk away from the only thing that really matter now: eachother.
As time passes by, the terror of anxiety and the panic of goodbye consumes them, but they know that the eye contact has to be broken, until the next time they meet, which may never exist.
Thinking of the words that never came out, the kissing that never took place, all the dreams that were shared in secret never ever would come true for them.
And frustration came over them like night comes over day, only this time, the feeling was darker than the darkest night of the darkest december there would ever be.
Hours and hours were spent, without them knowing, thinking about the same things, reminiscing about those eye contacts, the smiling, the touching, the words, even about what was never there.
They were daydreaming about their next time together, the next time they would speak, and their bodies were sore from eachother's absense.
Late at night they were still tossing and turning in bed, cos that feeling was too much to bare, and the necessity overcame fear and was about to take control of their minds.
They were losing all the power to fight back their love, and only time would be their friend.
And only time was agravating all the tears that were held up inside.

They belonged to eachother.
They were together.
No-one knew it, they didn't know it, but they had a relationship, and were as close as a couple.
They aniquilated the chance of common sense, and altered senses in a way that they actually thought they could live happily with this decision.
But they were not alone.
Their relationship was fake and the love that kept it moving, even though strong, was threatened by other people.
In their hearts they belonged to eachother.
But in reality they were so distant like they never imagined.
And so, each of them slowly backed away from this relationship, with their hearts broken, dreams swept away, and altered senses.
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Love this story from since I've read it the 1st time :)
My baby girl's so talented :*
Bbainho a 7 de Julho de 2004 às 21:12

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