Set 04
I left a while ago
And decided to hand myself to you
Now i am back
Look what you made me be!

I wasn't like this when i left
Why are you crying?
Is this what i've become?
I should have never left you alone!

It's ok,now i am bacl
And i brouhgt my happiness along
No need to cry, soon she will be gone
And we will carry on, on our own

I leave for 4 years, and look what happens
You killed who i was!
I was a child and...
I've grown up.

That's it.
I never left, i've just changed.
I handed my child to my adult
And instantly killed her.

What about now?
I want to be that child again
I want to feel there's hope again
Damn you, grown up, make this pain stop!

I look ahead, i see the child
You are not dead after all!
No, i am not, i say to me,
But to be happy again, from life to death you must fall.
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Set 04
Today i don't feel like living.
No,i lie.
I feel like living,indeed,
A peaceful and quiet death.

I wish to part from this body of mine
And leave on a quest to find myself
I feel so apathic, so numb
I feel i am dead and alone

I didn't work.
I tried and i failed - didn't work.
There's blood,but not enough.
It did not work.

So i clean the blood off of the floor
And try a different aproach to the Lord
I pray that this one really works
For i want it bad enough

I can almost touch the sky
And below i see my life
So tiny -and the sky- So blue
 I can't think of anything else anymore

It will work,at last!
And i jump
The sky looks now far away
And my life, below, so close

I jumped from a tall building
Into death, my living
Oh no - It didn't work.
I was, in fact, just dreaming.
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Set 04
As i look at you
So special and kind
So distant from the world
With your unique touch

If the birds could ever talk
And describe to me what they sing
They’d say you are song
They’d say you are the dream

When the dolphins cry in the deep ocean
And when horses run wild and free
They stop to sing a song of love
‘cos you are the song, you are the dream

Of all creatures that exist
You are the one i long to kiss
If i had to choose a road
I’d choose the one that leads to you

Time won’t stand still
And words are just dripping
I am no singer, nor am i worth it
But you are my song, forever my dream.
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Set 04
W.Sumerset Maugham brings you a delicious way of writing, mixed with fantastic stories and complex characters.
This British novelist wrote severall bestsellers such as the likes of "The Hour Before The Dawn" , "The Narrow Corner", "Liza Of Lambeth", amongst others.
I strongly recomend Mr Maugham, one of my all time favourite writers..You will not regret it!
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Set 04
Another day passes by
I get nervous, frustrated, defeated
I waited for you
But you didn't even give me a sign

I feel ridiculous
Like never before
It gets worst everytime
And i never seem to learn

But i always end up
Standing tall, for you
Making up excuses in my mind
And that's what keeps my love for you

Can i ask you if you care?
What exactly do you feel?
Why didn't i feel your love today?
Why do you want to turn something fake into real?
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Set 04
I love the smell of wet grounds
In the summer
I love it when it rains
In the summer

Because summer brings up the sun
And the sun brings smiles
And happiness
But i feel sad, in the summer

So it rains
The blue sky turns into gray
The wind blows, with anger
It's all dark, just like me

So everybody stays at home
Instead of smiles, everyone frowns
They're not happy, nor am i
But summer or not, i'm used to live like this

Sadly i know the sun will be up again
Sooner than later
Lighting everybody's life
In the summer

But i'll trap the darkness
And the rain, in a bottle, down my soul
And i'll keep feeling miserable
In the summer

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Setembro 2004






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