Fev 05
I never knew how it happened.
I never realized when it happened.
But i did feel the changes.
A trust-worthy, insignificant smile was being thrown at me, instead of the usual glimpse of a future together.
it just slipped through my hands like water and i, in total and utter dispair, sank in a dark, deep, frightening hole, never wanting to leave.
You see, love prevents you to see the real light. It brings on to you a light that only shines in your own world, but is never real to the mortal being.
When love fades away that light ceases to shine, replacing the surroundings with a thick and dense darkness.
From time to time you're allowed to rise above it, like a fast-forward in your life, but only to be thrown back to the stabbing pain of a hearbreak.
Many time i've collapsed before you, begged you for what it was before, cried, pledging true love.
But it's not there.
You don't feel it.
So my reckless mind shivers in the well of the misfortune.
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Fev 05
"I understand your point of view,
Letting me go, but i thought you had more faith
Everything I've done for you,
You made the mistake so now you throw this in my face

And I have worked so hard for you,
All of this time,
And you cast me aside,
I understand your point of view

But I can't seem to get my head around,
All the things that I feel good about,always seem to disappear
And everytime I think i've got this all worked out,
Something chews me up and spits me out,
But there's nothing left to fear,
I'm better alone my dear

You couldn't pick a better time to give me the news,
Why don't you kick me when i'm down?
I'd always believed in you,defended your name,
But you have not been true
I gave you so much of my life,I've compromised and you tell me goodbye
You couldn't pick a better time

And i can't seem to get my head around
All the things that i feel good about,always seem to disappear
And everytime i think i've got this all worked out,
Something chews me up and spits me out
But there's nothing left to fear,
I'm better alone my dear

I know i really should thank you for setting me free
It's really amazing the changes i'm starting to feel
It's not gonna be long till i'm feeling strong
To live all those happy years
Still i wonder if you'll ever wish you still had me..."

My Inspiration just told my life through a song...

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Fev 05
Quis saber onde te encontrar,
i've followed the echos in my soul
descobri-te entre vales de razões sem lógica
in between oceans of incertainty

Quis saber quem eras
and taste your life through my breath
vesti-te das cores do vento e do sabor das flores
I've made you as light and endeering as the sky

Quis saber de nós,
where we stand, where we go
viajamos pelo tempo, viajantes, por um tempo, pelo nosso tempo
tried to make our souls one soul

Quis saber... sem saber o que quis
fought for a reason that no longer was in me
e acabei por não saber nada sobre mim... e ti
we got lost somewhere over that path

So find me where i'm dead
nos teus olhares sobre os ombros de um suspiro
I trust in you to guide me through the most horrid means of life
e quisemos, e ficamos, conversamos, soubemos talvez querer nas esperança de não nos perdermos

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Everyday is a battle. A struggle to let go.
Everyday i'm forced to forget the memories that are craved in my mind.
The scent of your breath. The flavour of your lips and the feeling of your tongue in mine.
I have to erase the sparkles in my stomach, from everytime you looked at me.
The emptyness in my heart is now not more than an old companion returning home.
I've felt like this before.
Alone, helpless, hurting. Everybody Left. Even you.
Especially you.
I've lost my battle, they won the war. And now they're gone, leaving me alone.
I trusted, they left. So did you.
With you no loneliness could be. You and me both, together. Mouth in mouth. Body in body. Heart in heart, destiny in destiny.
But today is a battle. A struggle to wake up.
Alone, just with the memories of our love.
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Fev 05
Despite the absence of your smile,
I love you.
Despite the absence of veracity in your words,
I wait for you.

Despite the world,
I care for you.
The grains of sand, moving us through time
Are the engine that empowers my heart

and I love you.
Like you are the only one.
And i'm not.
I prepare to dwell over your kiss,

Befuddled by the angst,
I do move on.
When you tell me to back away,
It is so easy to go astray,

But i carry on.
For love.
For you.
For the nothingness that is now.
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Fevereiro 2005






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